My goal is to persue all art everywhere.


Would you like to come over?

We could go for a walk,
Have a long, open heart talk.
Bake a cake. Watch a film.
Drink some wine…

We could Sunggle on the couch.
Kiss a little…
Just on the cheek,
Or maybe more…

We could go on a trip,
Just next store.
Or west coast…

We could visit my family,
Meet your parents.
Go out for dinner,
Talk with your father,

You could come with me,
For a Romantic stroll,
On a moonlit beach.
Give you a Ring,
Set a date.

We could take a trip,
To eastern Europe,
Spend a week in Venice.

We could buy a little home,
In the country,
Decorate it,
The way you like.

We could enjoy our days and nights,
Start a Family.
Sit and watch together,
life fly by.
If you’ld like to come over…

Jonathan M Szeligowski


I shiver with warmth at your slightest touch.
I want to hope, I want to breathe.

Oh, I’ve been cold for far too long…

Is it you who will melt my bondage’s of ice,
Or will you only chisel a little hole to my heart?

I remember it happened far too fast, I never saw it coming.
I was swimming in a sweet shallow stream, when before I knew it,
I was over the edge, falling,
Falling into a deep cold pond.
And as the sun set, I remember thinking,
“I’ve always been warm, haven’t I?”

I’ve been ice ever since.

So do I dare to hope?
Are you the antidote, the fire that will heat my flesh?
I wonder if you can be,
If anyone can be.

Are you a messenger,
Here only to proclaim that I am frozen?
I pray that you are more,
I sense that you are more.
Not the source itself, but a path,
A guide to my rescue.
A companion along the journey.

Do you know who you are,
Or where we are going?


Jonathan M Szeligowski